Go After The Right Goals

Are you going after the right goals? First what are your goals? What if a goal is have 100,000 visitors to your web site today, 100,000 followers on Twitter or number one on Google? These big goals cannot be achieved by pursuing them directly. For example if you sent out mass emails asking people to follow you on twitter you would have very little success, but what if you worked to provide real value on your web site.

In this case people may want to follow you on twitter the same goes with being number one on Google. All kinds of fake pages and linking schemes will have little effect but working and writing articles, even though it may be a lot more work, will certainly help. Things that are worthwhile are never easy. Just work on the little goals, like writing good helpful articles when you can. Going after these little goals will accomplish the big ones.

  • 2:45 AM 4 September 2015
  • www.dashaver.com

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