What is a database?

A database is the information that makes up a dynamic website. It is stored in a grid with columns and rows. A column will have a relation in that it may be all the cities etc. a row may have relation in that it may be related columns such as a persons last and first name or other things about that person. Rows have unique keys. A unique key refers to that row and must different. A phone book is good example of a database. The phone number could a unique key since no one may have the same phone number. Name would not work since two people may have the same name. -> Read more

Web Site Usability Keeps Customers Returning

Web Site Usability

Web site usability is how easy your web site is for visitors to use. It can be hard to anticipate what visitors will find and the level of difficulty for them. The challenge is to make it as easy as possible for first time visitors. Visitors should find what they want at your website, it should accomplish the purpose they thought it would. If they can use your web site they will feel good about your company. Web sites should be designed with the user in mind not the message you want the user to read; web pages should be about the user not your company. -> Read more

The most common mistake in website design

Nowadays in the world of WordPress, blogger and quick free websites many people who have not studied web design are making their own websites. The most common mistake is not deciding a purpose before starting. It is best to establish a purpose first and all things on the website should be governed by that goal.

All websites should have a name in text (not in a picture, search engines don't read pictures)
Directly under the website name should be the tag line. A good example might be

ABC Company
World's Best Widgets


ABC organization
funding ABC schools -> Read more

How to Download and Install A Drupal Module

A module adds a function or capability to the standard Drupal web site; there are over 11,000 modules to choose from. They can be downloaded from the Drupal web site at www.drupal.org if you know the name of the module you can you type it into the search and refine your search by selecting modules or at www.drupal.org/project/modules they are sorted by most used. You should read the description and directions before you download it. -> Read more

Will My Web Site Be Found On Google?

Clients Frequently Ask About Being Found On Google.

My standard answer is that they need to write articles every day. But then I say who has time for that. It usually takes me most the day to write an article, but to get really good ranking you need to write an article every day. The people who asking are busy people who have to hustle all day long for their business. -> Read more

How can I rank higher in Google?

Why is Google lowering my page rank? I work hard to provide content for my website, why can't Google rank it higher? To answer these questions think about these facts.

Google does not raise or lower anyone's page. In any given query pages are ranked according to how relevant they are to that search. Google spends a great deal of time trying to make their search results relevant to what is being searched for. This is what you need to do find what your viewers want and give it to them.



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